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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Been a while...

I thought I would post a few cards I made and a couple of other little crafty pursuits. I haven't been up to much since we moved a year ago but I have my craft room up and running again so I'm back in action!!

A little decor item I made for my craft room

A card for my friend who has a baby on the way.

Finally earned my degree!

Baby blanket that I'm currently working on...

My new toy :-)

New smash book! Love these things! Almost have one filled up...

Made a set of coasters for a girlfriend. I saw this on and had to do it because I had that stamp!

50 Shades of Grey bracelet I made for said girlfriend. Too cool! Idea also from

Candy covered Oreos!! Yummy!

Cake pops for my godson's phineas and ferb party! They were a hit. These ones were made using my baby cakes
Cake pop maker.

Cupcake bites I saw on Bakerella's fabulous website! I had to make them (and put my new photo app to work as well ;-))

More cake pops I made this past Christmas. Also used the baby cakes...

Invites I made for my godson's baptism. Used my circuit for this one. The wedding cartridge, I believe.

Invites I made for my sister-in-law's baby shower. This format is what inspired the baptism invitation...

Card I made for my mom's co-workers. I like this one ;-)

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Lame

So I was looking at my blog and I realized that it is pretty lame that the last two posts are practically identical. But on another note, I am sitting online waiting for my online class chat to start, so I thought I would make a note of that. I also would like to share that I have lost almost 30 lbs and I am super psyched! K, my chat is beginning... see y'all!

Really cute card I made today..

So I made a cute card today and I want to share it. I am especially proud of this one. :-D

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Made a cute card today

Well, at least I think it's cute...

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sitting in H&R Block...

So I am sitting in H&R Block waiting to get some questions answered and I remembered that I got this cool book today and I wanted to share it. So if anyone who is into card making ever reads this they should check out this book. It is called The Encyclopedia of Card Making. It's super cool. It's got lots of techniques and Ideas. I have yet to sit down and go though it but I can't wait! Here's a pic:

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

BlogPress test

So I downloaded this app for my iPhone and I just want to test it out... If all gies well I won't have to plop myself in front of my computer to post a blog! Hopefully all goes well. Have a great day! I am spending mine getting ready for my son's 3rd birthday party tomorrow! Pretty excited! ;-D

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Header? Hello!

Okay, at risk of sounding completely daft, I must say that I have been here for hours trying to fashion the darn matching header for my blog but for some reason when I upload it to the header portion it shrinks and only fills up the left half of the header area! What gives? Is it a Blogger issue or what? I followed the directions to a tee and tried it several times (more than I would like to mention). Please help. If anyone knows how to do this please share! With that said, I am going to bed...